about la fille d'O

la fille d’O (meaning daughter of ‘O) is the voice of a generation. in 2003 i, murielle Victorine scherre, felt the need to create an aspirational role model. my own shameless Eve, molded after the women that have personally inspired me. many women have lived rich lives before us and i wanted to tune into that frequency of wisdom in order to grow in this life. as a woman and a mother and a lover. i love a challenge so what better place to start a revolution than from the bottom up.

la fille d’O started as a lingerie brand but has become somewhat of a religion. as a woman i felt unheimlich when looking at ‘modern’ lingerie and women in media. i am inspired by my friends; intelligent women who know how to cultivate themselves, their body a tool for personal growth and not just an object of desire. i want to share their stories with the world in order to inspire others to be just as free from shame and fear, driven by curiosity and lust for life. la fille d’O is both a stage and a performer. a spotlight community, where it is safe to develop one self. a shared interest, where women inspire me and I can literally support them in their ongoing work.

that love for the story behind the human is my pencil when designing. i try to create the subtlest of intervention, adding only what is needed. it is vital to think of all these different body types in order to highlight their unique assets in appropriate ways. avant-garde lingerie that supports your body, whilst empowering your attitude. i want to show strong, healthy women. like a friend once described it: “i am not fierce, yet i belong here”.

every item la fille d‘O designs must contain all 3 of the ingredients listed below.

1. innovation in design.

we design what we want and can not find. la fille d’O is free of compromise. I am both the owner and the designer of this brand so there is nothing too avant-garde, underground or challenging. your body is niche territory and we have come to conquer. to hell with poverty in fit, longevity or maintenance. We design lingerie that supports our daily needs, however care-full or outrageous they may be. We can and will take lingerie design to the next level, because we mix heritage craftsmanship with the most modern developments in lingerie design. and because we have a full female team of experience experts that come in all shapes and sizes, bien sur.

2. smart and clean sourcing.

all our resources are crafted both as high-end and local as possible. the fabric has to be perfect. in every way. my skin has to crave it. my heart needs to be free of worry. 70% of our fabrics and trims are made in Belgium. i want every material that touches our skin to be a token of craftsmanship.

french silks, austrian cotton, dutch leather, peruvian baby alpaca, indian khadi twill. luxury is hidden in the know-how of the maker and I want to support their skills by transforming their products into garments that honour your body and being. a respectful and supportive economy is the only sustainable foundation for a heartwarming product like la fille d’O.

3. an honest production line.

since the very first day we have been producing our lingerie and swimwear in Belgium. from our studio in Ghent to the far end of Belgium’s Kemmel and Wevelgem, these small factories are the home of the last of the lingerie makers. some of these women have been making lingerie for over 35 years and their trained hands transform plain pieces of cut out fabric into our intricate designs your skin will appreciate so much. holder of the precious “handmade in belgium” label, we are not fair trade. we are better than fair trade. since there are so few of us, producing where we live, there is no name to label us. fair trade only gathers the western brands doing a fair trade with southern and less developed countries. we produce where we live, which means our every seamstress has the exact same life standard as we do. she has the same rights and the same wages as we do. that is fair trade too. a fairer trade.

for a detailed list of our suppliers: email us here.