inspired by the ISIS song, in drops, not in rivers is the second exploration of placement print by la fille d’O. after our first adventure with organ blues, digital placement print inspired us to create yet another challenging collection. in drops, not in rivers is a layered collection of a more in depth view of our classical materials: soft tulle for gentle support and monofil for glass-like sheerness and support. this firm and elaborate selection of perfect fits and iconic shapes has now come to a well balanced whole. a deeper exploration of the assets of these specific materials: the soft tulle used as an abundance of second skin feeling. the monofil infamous for its transparency, close to being invisible all whilst keeping its firm support. combining these materials in a cross over selection enables a playful mix n match with all your wardrobe favorites. choosing for subtle sheerness or an elegant sheen, these 2 ranges are the perfect foundation for anyone with a graphical eye and a passion for fashion.

diving deeper into the unknown, this seasons print was inspired by the japanese ama free divers nets. how the tiny ropes become a garment or a bag or a magical carry it all tool for the unexpected things that cross our paths. these fearless women are an otherworldly inspiration for todays ‘head first’ mantra. the print was developed with german-japanese design studio the simple society. creating small net grids by hand, only to destroy them afterwards allowed them to create the broken net printn exclusively for every single pattern. placement print is a time consuming technique where the designer first creates the shape of the garment with the print in mind, then the pattern is created, only then sending the pattern to the grapical designer, to apply the idea of the print to each and every pattern specifically. this allows both fashion and art designer to choose exactly what piece of the print goes where. thus we created a broken net being more destroyed in certain areas or still in tact on others, creating a subtle censorship or corset to hold us or let ourself go, all according to ones personal desire. in drops, not in rivers is an ode to our human electricity and how to carefully use and abuse it.


Soft tulle