demi-monde is a highly exclusive range, supporting those women letting their hair down. women submerged in the pleasure of losing themselves whilst being well aware of traditional values on shore. the must-have-it-attitude one needs to wear today in order to embody “perfection” is cast off like shedding skin.

demi-monde is a surprising combination of 2 fabrics and 3 colors. our classic sheer Belgian-made soft tulle, a conspicuous sensation for the both the hand and the eye. re-introducing our nylon novelty, a refreshing invention brought by our French silk supplier. a color range making the most of solid white, color blocked with classic nude and an over all black variation of the whole range. combining white and nude for these hedonistic designs leaves them looking fresh and innocent, while the black version brings a high profile modern take on demimondaine lingerie.

photography by Rita Lino.