Fast girls

Rope · Monowired bra

€ 140.00 € 70.00

often imitated. never duplicated. fast girls is the 2.0 version of our signature monowire bra. it defies the laws of gravity and logic alike. essentialism in the best possible way. rien à jeter. it is sheer. it is the natural shape of your breasts. it is free from lace or other visual noise. it is made in belgium with belgian made fabric. it is versatile like 3 smart bras rolled into one. and it looks like a house on fire.
every woman that is wild at heart and eager to shred at life should have this bra. support is real.
signature mono-wired sheer soft-tulle bra. bare necessities to boost your natural shape to surprising effect. straps can be worn straight, crossed or halter neck. signature adjustable contour straps.

handmade in Belgium with locally sourced materials.

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