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on how to become a sensual-sexy-pornographical-romantic-naked-pleasure-mindfuck-electricity-femmeobjet-amateur-luxurious-beautiful-attractive-exhibitionist-lolita-feminin-voyeur-rolemodel.

11 years of madness and obsessive product making, l'amateur is about the looking, learning, lingering creature I am. about the people that impress and undress me. it is a selection of the past and the peek inside the future. my subjective analysis of the words i had abandoned over these years: beauty, attraction, sensuality, romance, love, … all the way to my favorite passtime: alchemy.

of you and me and how we be.

with contributions from richard kern, s magazine, jesse draxler, rita lino, peter verhelst, leo gabin, tessa kuragi, marco ferrari,…

published by lannoo publishers.

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