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this box is everything. It's 10 of our favorite musicians that cover 10 of our favorite songs. it's 10 of our favorite photographers that shoot 10 of our -errm- other favorite songs. it's three of our favorite designers that recreate another three of our -well yes- favorite songs. and they all did this as a favor. for the love of 'O.

we teamed up with these artists to celebrate 10 years of la fille d'O. this box holds things precious for la fille d'O. tangible things and magical things combined.

thank you. for holding this box.

with contributions from vive la fête, the subs, triggerfinger, david bray, tom tosseyn, athos burez, china heights gallery, carmen de vos, frederik vercruysse, love like birds, the hickey underworld, in flagranti, dolores bouckaert, stief desmet,…

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