with a fabric this transparent it is easy to stay out of its way and let this asset take over. to cover the magic of the human body with a fabric shielding touch and not sight is an inspiration raw like diamonds. the elastic trimmings create a well defined frame inviting your gaze to focus on what truly matters: YOU.

the fine elastic lines collide into a hard angle on the hips, contrasting the fabric with the softness of skin and the length of legs. and so they proceed: over hipbones and belly to dive deep over the pubic bone, taking a radical turn up and away again. a tossing and turning of hard lines on soft skin, connecting necessity to possibility in the blink of an eye. 

available in size 1,2,3,4,5.

briefs designed, developed and manufactured in belgium. fabric is made in belgium. trimmings are made in belgium.

  • our MONOFIL fabric is a firm number that reminds us of how paper folds, in angular strict ways, creating a new color with every crack in the surface. this fabric allows a sheen to emerge from your skin, an alteration subtle like a blush. like X-rays performed on lingerie, this fabric is as honest as it gets. 

    • 78% polyamide, 22% elastane
    • oeko-tex certified
    • machine wash your lingerie at 30° with an organic mild detergent. use a washing bag to catch microfibers. do not tumble dry, it saves energy and makes the lycra last longer
    • should you encounter any kind of situation with your lingerie: do not panic! get in touch with our repair service and behold the magic of common sense and some good sewing skills

’O sizing system for bras
A 012  
D 34567
E 45678
F 56789
G 6789 
’O sizing system for briefs and suits