this is not a bra. it is not a top either. or a t-shirt. it might be a very perfect blissful version of a t-shirt though. or something to wear with a tshirt. or without. or with a bra. or without. found out is everything. it’s a tiny morph suit, causing a giant metamorphosis. seams in all the right places and a firm mesh capturing your frame like only skin can. and la fille d’O bien sur.

lore is wearing a size 2 combined with  confetti cave .

handmade in belgium with locally sourced materials. 

  • 89% polyamide, 11% elastane
  • machine wash at 30° (soft program); do not tumble dry, it makes your lingerie last longer
  • due to the delicate nature of this garment, we advise to handle with care. lycra normally has a 6 month life expectation but the way our designs are crafted, we can considerably postpone the sudden death of your favorite items. we even offer a repair service that will resuscitate your beloved undies as long as you like
  • every piece of the la fille d'O collection is designed and produced in belgium, with lots of love for the female body

    ’O sizing system for bras
    A 012  
    D 34567
    E 45678
    F 56789
    G 6789 
    ’O sizing system for briefs and suits