the most welcoming of pants. sideseam was translated into a deep fold, hiding the pockets underneath and creating a rich elongated look. pockets lined in softest sweater fabric, for extended hand in pocket walks. the pocket lining is made of scraps to avoid waste of material. minimal use of seams allows the fabric to drape naturally. this design reduces production time and cost without losing esthetically impact.

we fell for this particular jersey because of its rich touché. we choose to work with cotton trend (1997°) because of the italian heritage in textiles and we love to support local specialities and preserve them for future generations. family run businesses have a tendency to create underdog avant-garde products because they have a deeper connection with the company and its craftsmanship, often handed over through several generations.

marie is wearing size 2 combined with ignition bodysuit.

made in belgium at Celesta. it takes Celesta and us 3 weeks to process your order. we choose not to have stock in order to avoid waste of natural and human resources. fabric made in italy. 

  • 95% cotton, 5% elastane
  • machine wash at low temperature using biodegradable soap. consider airing out garment first 
  • due to the delicate nature of this garment, we advise to handle with care
  • plan your wardrobe and consider repairing, swapping or upcycling your items when no longer in use. this gender-free collection is easier to share or swap

’O sizing system for bras
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