cropped denim jacket with dramatic raglan kimono sleeve. available with slit back seam and button. front pockets are merged with raglan sleeve seams to erase all technical clutter. intense pleasure for those who love some technical wizardry to wear. sizes can be used to play with a cropped, fitted or oversized look. designed with both esthetics, production time and avoiding waste in mind. style elements are combined to reduce labour-intensity without losing the garments minimal allure.

a worldwide revolution from the hand of founder Tom Duhoux, this fabric was made from over 50% of recycled denim mixed with tencel. the indigo used is the cleanest one so far. this fabric is without a doubt the most sustainable story in the book of fashion so far and we are proud to use it for our design. pocketing is made from recycled t-shirts, made in the netherlands and screen printed by hand in antwerp, belgium. this product reads like a bedtime story that makes me dream of a better industry in a not so distant future.

leen is wearing size 4 in combination with grinding dress and steam feel kimono.

made in the uk in collaboration with Black Horse Lane. it takes Black Horse Lane and us 5 weeks to process your order. we choose not to have stock in order to avoid waste of natural and human resources. fabric created in the netherlands.

  • raw denim
  • wash very little and use cold water and a mild detergent like dr. bronner tea tree soap. air dry or take out of dryer after 15 minutes to clear most moist yet avoid creasing
  • due to the delicate nature of this garment, we advise to handle with care
  • plan your wardrobe and consider repairing, swapping or upcycling your items when no longer in use. this gender-free collection is easier to share or swap

’O sizing system for bras
A 012  
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F 56789
G 6789 
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