luxurious nesting in this refined knitted dress. signature twisted sideseam. ribbed and raised front hem. dropped back hem with added volume to create freedom of movement and ample look. crew neck collar for a strict and tall silhouet. armhole is dropped for subtle exposure of hidden layers. knitted garments are 100% waste-free because it only uses the yarn that is needed, avoiding any cut-off waste.

i designed knitwear because i wanted to work with Solid Crafts. that is how much i believe in the long term effect of this company. they bring education and work to vulnerable women in Peru by re-introducing their heritage knitting skills. to wear this knit is to help another women evolve in life. Solid’s profits are used to further develop the local community helping them support teen moms and focus on selfdevelopment. 

one size fits most.
it takes Solid Crafts and us 4-8 w
eeks to process your order. we choose not to have stock in order to avoid waste of natural and human resources. 

caravelli brushed is a baby alpaca and nylon blend. this soft durable fibre is naturally hypoallergenic. we chose to work with the finest machine knit this factory can make and see what creativity emerges from it. a well balanced production chain is a healthy production chain and it keeps the women at work on a regular basis. this makes all the difference between a life in poverty or options from education and health. between growth or stagnation. all this goodness in just 1 sweater. we love alpacas because they are living proof that brains and beauty can be united. a true miss universe fighting for environmental world peace kept for future generations. 

to remove smell from knit, lay flat on fresh towel to air. wash on delicate cycle using biodegradable mild detergent. lay flat to dry. to remove wrinkles lay flat in steamy bathroom. dry away from direct heat or sunlight. store with repellent. plan your wardrobe and consider repairing, swapping or upcycling your items when no longer in use. this gender-free collection is easier to share or swap. 

’O sizing system for bras
A 012  
D 34567
E 45678
F 56789
G 6789 
’O sizing system for briefs and suits