the sweater 2.0. bigger. better and then: bigger again. raglan sleeve meets kimono. available with or without slit back seam. signature curved side seam. dropped back hem with added volume. round and raw cut. front hem wide and neatly raised. like a holiday hide out all year long. play with size if you want to alter looks from XS to ZILLIONXL. designed with no waste-policy in mind, the pattern proportions are defined by the width of the skin in use. oversized shapes means you will probably never outgrow them so they get to stay for as long as you like. 

moleskin HYDROMAX suede created exclusively for la fille d'O at ECCO, the netherlands. irregularities in material are a reference to its natural origine. this is not a defect but an asset we love to embrace. we choose ECCO for their constant cutting edge innovation in product and improving sustainability in the tanning process. 

floor is wearing thieves in combination with one dance bodysuit.

handmade in the uk in collaboration with Noyau Noyau and Crossbow leather. leather created in the netherlands.

  • moleskin HYDROMAX suede

  • hydromax suede was built to protect itself. when stains occur gently rub with dry brush or cloth. product was designed to age naturally

  • due to the delicate nature of this garment, we advise to handle with care

  • plan your wardrobe and consider repairing, swapping or upcycling your items when no longer in use. this gender-free collection is easier to share or swap

’O sizing system for bras
A 012  
D 34567
E 45678
F 56789
G 6789 
’O sizing system for briefs and suits