i am drawing a line. i start on your spine and i follow your shoulderblades. i tickle your sides and continue between your hipbone and stomach. towards your inner leg. twice. either side get covered in one layer of tulle. the line gets a folded piece of fabric. it will follow your every move like a tiny wing. the neck line will be looking like tank top. wide shoulderstraps. masculine. opposed by the transparence and visibility of your chest, this body is bliss.

anemone is wearing size 3.

handmade in belgium. fabric and trims sourced and made in belgium. 

our SOFT TULLE fabric is of the whispering kind. a trustworthy workhorse, providing both a firm hold and the suggestion of what lies underneath. light weight, heavy duty, causing the most intriguing hue of shades over your skin. this is your cue if you are looking for a no nonsense fabric that will last and look the part.

  • 80% polyamide, 20% elastane
  • oeko-tex certified
  • machine wash your lingerie at 30° with an organic mild detergent. use a washing bag to catch microfibers. do not tumble dry, it saves energy and makes the lycra last longer
  • should you encounter any kind of situation with your lingerie: do not panic! get in touch with our repair service and behold the magic of common sense and some good sewing skills

’O sizing system for bras
A 012  
D 34567
E 45678
F 56789
G 6789 
’O sizing system for briefs and suits